Pageant 2025 Application Coming Soon!

The Miss Keystone State Rodeo Queen 2025 Pageant information is coming soon! Follow us on Facebook to learn more for the time being and be on the look out for our Clinic Information! We accept applicants who are residents of NY,OH,PA,NJ,MD,WV! Our age groups are 10-12 (Lil Miss) 13-17 (Miss Teen) and 18-26 (Miss)

Now Accepting Applications From Other States!

The Miss Keystone State Rodeo Queen Organization is now accepting applications from New Jersey, New York, West Virginia Maryland , Pennsylvania and Ohio! We are exciting to branch our reach out to these following states! We have some event guidelines in place to be sure we are representing our rodeo companies thoroughly. Please read the mandatory events document below.

Mandatory Events

Pageant Study Tools

Preparing for a rodeo queen pageant can be super overwhelming if you don't know what to study!

The Miss Keystone State Rodeo Queen Organization will have an annual Queen Clinic each spring to help girls to prepare for pageant!

In the meantime here is a helpful guide full of links to better sharpen your skills.

Helpful Links!

The Road to Miss Rodeo USA!

The Miss Keystone State Rodeo Queen Organization is affiliated with the Miss Rodeo USA Organization. Each Year we strive to help our Miss Queen attend and compete for the National Title of Miss Rodeo USA.

Miss Rodeo USA Website
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